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1538 A.D., John Folanceby hung by Lord King and the law of England.

Courtesy of Alan Judge, by email, Oct 2020.

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John Follansbye hung by chains near his home

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk imposes sentence on John Follansbye. He writes to King Henry VIII expounding some details.

From: Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic during the reign of Henry VIII. Vol 12. Pt. 1

This letter is dated 12APR1537.

King Henry Follansbye Death

Published by: London, Longmans, H.S.M.O.  Author: Great Britain Public Record Office.


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This is just a personal blog for me to write, record, take notes, etc. as I investigate the Follansbee beginnings in Durham England. I am not a professional Genealogist or Historian. I don’t even spells good!

Feel free to add links to sources or use what I have here to launch or add to your own investigations. My main focus is really just how did the villiage of Follonsby start and who started it?

Based on “The Report of the Follansbee Association” Follansbee was originally a 300 tract of land granted to a Sir Follansbee by William the Conqueror. This is unfounded so far, and from some reading it seems that in early America there was a craze to find family lands in England, and this report is most likely false. I will dig in to the Report in some posts to come.

So far I have traced Follansbee to the early 1200’s. So, lets see if we can crack the founding of Follonsby Village, and if not at least it will be fun trying.

-Josh Follansbee


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