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Folet vs. Foljambe in relation to Follansbee

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Volume 4. New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company 1908 pp. 2134-2136

Summary with comments on agreement or disagreement based on other sources:

Quote: “For the past century has been spelled Foliambe and Fojambe the “s” sound seems to have been added in America” It is doubtless a Norman Family dating back to England to the conquest in 1066.”

Conflict: What keeps me from jumping on the Fuljambe = Follansbee bandwagon is that both names appear simultaneously in England. I am also hesitant because of I am really stuck on attaching the village of Follingsby to Follansbee because of the location in Durham County of our ancestors and the village.  Also, other studies indicate that Follingsby as a name-place was most likely post-conquest while retaining the local Scandinavian flavor “by”. Studies indicate Folet as the first source for Follingsby which fits a boader time period for a French-Norman name than the precise period of 1066.

Another issue with the quote is the author’s phrase “doubtless a Norman..England..1066.” Personally I find it hard to take the absolute assurance without a quote or reference to a source. Here I think we find a historians interpretation from similar sounding names.


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