Edward Follansbee

I forgot where I pulled this from, most likely it was from Ancestry.com

 The following is a record of the names and births of the children of Edward Follansbee, and Abigail his wife, born at Leominster.

Sally Follansbee was born December 1st, 1791

Betsy Follansbee was born April 27th, 1793

Leonard Follansbee was born July 20th, 1796

Thomas Follansbee was born July 18th, 1799

Dexter Follansbee was born July 12th, 1800

Ayers Follansbee was born May 29th 1802

Lucy Follansbee was born 9th 1804

Recorded September 25th, 1813 by Josiah Richardson, Town Clerk.

What else can you see on this record?


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