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St. Dunstan’s , Stepney

This is fascinating. Thomas Follansbee is registered with Stepney. Looks like I have something to investigate. 

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My Direct Linage to Thomas Follansbee

Tracing my lineage shows my family’s Immigration from England to Massachusetts and our migration west to Wisconsin, then to California and finally to Washington State. Thomas Sr., Edward T, Edward P, and Howard were the movers who brought my line of Follansbees to the West Coast.

Thomas Follansbee    b. 30APR1637 Stephney, England (Immigration) (9th G.Grandfather)

Thomas Follansbee    b. 1674 Newbury Mass. (8th G.Grandfather)

Francis Follansbee     b. 13JUN1699 Newbury Mass. (7th G.Grandfather)

Francis Follansbee     b. 10NOV1724 Newbury, Mass. (6th G.Grandfather)

Edward Follansbee     b. 12JUN1768 Leominster, Mass. (5th G.Grandfather)

Leonard Follansbee    b.20JUL1796 Leominster, Mass. (4th G.Grandfather)

Edward T. Follansbee  b.3MAR1834 Camden, Maine. (Migration West) (3rd G.Grandfather)

Edward P. Follansbee  b. 1865 Hudson, WI. (2nd G.Grandfather)

Howard B. Follansbee  b.  21AUG1902 Marysville, Ca. (G.Grandfather)

Bruce Edward Follansbee b. 13MAY1931 Yakima, Wa

Steven Follansbee  Living

Joshua Edward Follansbee Living


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